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Joy & Pain

During the Introduction is it possible to have the main slides in the middle and the hurricane Katrina images flanking them on the two outer screens.

I. Introduction (We Start where we left off last week, the lepers returning to a place of ruin) – INTERRUPTING HOPE SLIDE
A. Recapping of how Interrupting Hope lives in Betweens –
1. Between Rock and Hard Place –
2. Today’s message builds on the progress of last week, entitled: The Peculiar Sound BETWEEN joy and pain (TITLE SLIDE)
B. Scripture: Ezra 3: 8-13 (SCRIPTURE SLIDES)
C. Immediately following scripture, I will cue Alisha and Jermaine. They will come in loudly singing “When the Saints Go Marching In” and “Soon I will be Done with the Troubles of the World” simultaneously and meet at the center of the pulpit. Upon conclusion, I will say a prayer. (Can the Hurricane KATRINA slides rotate on the four screens as they sing?)

II. Prayer (Title Slide) – Section I&II [10-12 minutes]

III. Summer with Grandma and Uncle Jimmy (Yoda Slide)
A. Introduce the Three Assignments:
1. Assignment 1: Ask hard questions/face the ruins…
2. Assignment 2: Sweep the sidewalk
3. Assignment 3: Watch the Elders

IV. Face the Ruins /Hope Faces Difficulties Slide
A. Hurricane Katrina 2005
1. Floating mattresses, Gatorade coolers, Uncle Pickens on rooftop, flooded parking lot of buses ingenuity and creativity of the poor
2. Something in the milk, the milk ain’t clean: FACE the Ruins
3. 597 BC – King Nebuchadnezzar sacked Jerusalem, temple raided, took top officials, army, craftsmen, teachers into Babylonian Exile
4. 587 BC – returned set fire
5. Left the poorest of the poor, like the lepers they found themselves between a rock and a hard place asking hard questions
6. Built a makeshift altar in the midst of the ruins

V. Sweep the Sidewalk/Hope Envisions New Possibilities Slide
A. 538 BC – King Cyrus lifts the edict and frees the Israelites from Exile
1. Reminiscent of Emancipation Proclamation
2. Not all Returned – But the Spirit hit the boot

VI. Watch the Elders/Hope Transforms Self and Other Slide
1. Gathering of unlikely partners
2. How do they learn from each other
3. Sunshine on a rainy day
4. Joyful Sorrow and Sorrowful Joy — Two sides of the same coin